Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor, an American author and motivational speaker, is broadly considered one of the most effective orators anywhere with regards to getting rich. He trains people methods to understand their true capacity to accomplish more, be more as well as have a great deal more in every area of daily life. His teachings are driven by Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, and his presentation is unrivaled!

For over forty years, Bob Proctor has concentrated his entire master plan around helping men and women create rich lives of prosperity, gratifying bonds with others and spiritual consciousness. As one of the world’s most respected speakers on riches, he is internationally recognized for his inspirational and motivational manner.

Bob Proctor understands how to assist you simply because he too came from a life of want and limitation. In 1960, he was a high-school dropout with a resume of dead-end employment and a prospective clouded with big debts. One book was put into his hands – Think and Grow Rich – which established the seed of hope in Bob’s psyche. In only months, and with added assistance from the works of Earl Nightingale, Bob’s way of life literally spun on a dime. Within 12 months, he was earning greater than $100,000, and very quickly topped the $1 million point.

Bob later relocated to Chicago to work with his real-life guru, Earl Nightingale. After rising to the job of Vice President of Sales, he founded his own seminar organization. Bob Proctor these days travels the planet, teaching thousands of people how to have confidence in and act upon the vastness of their very own minds.



One of Proctor’s latest, and compelling, projects focuses on teaching you how to practically apply the principles taught in “Working With the Law” (by Raymond Holliwell) and also in “The Science of Getting Rich” (by Wallace D. Wattles) which was the basis for Rhonda Byrne’s movie, “The Secret”.