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Your Dreams Will Come True Through The Law Of Attraction

While many people have already applied the Law of Attraction to accomplish the life of their dreams, you may still be one of those still fighting to make it work successfully. If so, please understand that you can turn this around and finally begin to see your dreams manifested.

The common stumbling block for creating health, wealth, and happiness lies in failing to focus your mind and thought power on exactly what you desire consistently and persistently. One of the biggest “secrets” of this universal law is to apply an almost consuming thought on that which you want.

Sadly though, most people are using the Law of Attraction backwards. They have created a large force of negative energy within themselves by daily focusing their primary thoughts negative things. Instead of embracing confidence, inner strength, and peace, they are mentally complaining, being critical of others, or feeling sorry for themselves.

This negative aura of energy attracts people, circumstances, and events that match these negative patterns. When you feel ungrateful and unappreciative constantly, you are much more likely to attract mishaps, so-called friends who aren’t good for you, sickness, and so on. When you fully understand what you are doing to yourself, you can break free from this destructive cycle.

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between positive and negative. It simply tries to provide that which you have programmed it to seek by your thought habits. Provide constant negative thoughts and you can expect to bring negative things into your life. Or reverse it and provide an abundance of positive thoughts, and you can have faith that you will see good things manifest for you.

Do you realize that your subconscious mind already knows how to use the Law of Attraction? It has been applying it for you all your life. The issue is not just how to use it, but how to use it correctly. Do not automatically expect a negative outcome for any given situation. Take control of your thoughts and instead of expecting the “bad”, visualize the “good”. Find the hidden gem in any set of circumstances.

Imagine what your life would be like if you were as good at focusing on and attracting what you really want, instead of being good at allowing what you don’t want? It could be that a brief explanation about this is not enough, and you feel you need structured training to gain confidence in this. There are various books and courses that can help you hone your Law of Attraction skills so that it actually works for you.

Your next step is totally up to you. You can take the easy path and continue letting negative things happen to you. Or, you can end your frustration of failing with the Law of Attraction by taking advantage of this information, and further investigating and using the best tools that will empower you to manifest the life you desire.

Bob Proctor Teaches The Secret

It is not a secret that The Secret was one of the biggest documentaries of its kind ever released in the recent years. There have been a lot of movies or documentaries in the past that discussed the same theme, but it was The Secret that really made this philosophy popular and known to people around the world. What’s more is the fact that it was backed up by a caliber of great and successful gurus and speakers to help discuss The Secret. Together with the hype, there were a lot of people who instantly wanted to try it however was unsuccessful. Bob Proctor, teacher of The Secret shares here some tips on how to make The Secret work for you.

The first tip that you have to keep in mind is to allow yourself to fully understand everything that is being discussed in The Secret. Way back in school we have learned that before we can fully grasp a lesson, we have to hear everything about it first so that it will be easier to understand later on. There some who watch the movie and yet stop mid-way simply because they don’t think they can apply it to their lives or who simply do not understand what they have seen. This is the first thing that you have to change; you have to be give yourself room to be able to grasp the philosophy.

The next thing that you have to learn is to be patient is waiting for the results. The people who fail in applying the Law of Attraction in their own lives are usually those who quit just days or weeks after they began the whole process. You have to understand that the Secret does not work like magic; it will not turn your life in a snap of a finger. Attracting the things you desire will require some time, so be patient.

Last tip for those who are planning to apply the Secret in their own lives is to assist everything you have learned in The Secret. You should never stop at just reading about the Law of Attraction; instead you should work for it too. For every new skill you learn in life, you will always have to practice it in order to master that skill and do it flawlessly. The same goes for the Law of Attraction, don’t just stop at learning about how it works and instead practice it everyday so that attracting your heart’s desire will come easy.

Bob Proctor believes in everything that The Secret teaches, partly because he has lived by these principles for the most part of his life. There are some people who unfortunately fail when trying to apply the principles and philosophy presented in the movie, however Bob hopes that with these tips one can have a better chance of success in applying the Law of Attraction.

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Vision Boards – The “Express Train” To Your Destiny

Vision Boards

It’s often been said that using vision boards is like catching an express train to your end destination in life: One stop and you’re there in 30 minutes. But a Vision Board just does not work like that, I’m afraid. A better way of putting it would be like this;

“A vision board is your ticket to manifesting everything you want from life, but like catching a train, it takes time, there are stops on the way, and you have to know where you want the journey to take you”

So let’s be quite clear: Vision Boards are such a proven and powerful manifesting tool that there is absolutely no doubt, they will help you attract everything you really aspire to in life; but they can’t do everything all by themselves; they need your input too. Vision Boards are not miracle workers; how could they or anything else be?

So, before you start thinking that I have only a passing admiration for vision boards, you couldn’t be any further from the truth if you tried. I swear by vision boards! In fact, I first started using them around 20 years ago, back in the 90’s and my success and lifetime achievements has surpassed even more than I could ever have hoped and wished for!

With hand on heart, I put my continued success in all aspects of my life down to the fact that I use a vision board every day, and enjoy every second of it too. After all, why shouldn’t anyone enjoy looking at their favourite images and photographs and feeling that beautiful uplift and emotion-boost that they give?

One of the reasons why people reject vision boards is that they expect ‘success’ to happen overnight. And if this thing called success doesn’t happen as quick as they want, almost like a magician waving his wand and producing a rabbit out his hat, they dismiss them as just another load of phooey.

This is the ‘express train to your final destination in 30 minutes’ mentality, and it just does not stack up; this is why: This ‘get it in 30 minutes’ theory could be put down to the extremely high levels of expectation that many people had after reading “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

When The Secret was released back in 2006, it introduced The Law of Attraction to a vast global audience, many who had never even heard of the Law of Attraction before. But in the view of many of the Master Thinkers, it never fully described or set out all that is truly required to utilize the Universal Law in order for it to really work the way you want it to. One of these Master Thinkers was Bob Proctor, and he claimed that in his opinion ‘the final chapter was missing’.

And that applies to using vision boards as well. You need to know, understand and follow the full process in its entirety otherwise results, or your end success rate, will be limited. As you can see, this is not the fault of the vision board itself, but the fact that the user is not fully informed on how to correctly use it.

You can be totally sure of this; when a dream board is used correctly in the way it should be, and not dabbled with, the end results are amazing. They will effectively call on the Law of Attraction to act in the positive way that you want it too in order to attract everything you want, desire and wish for. Please bear in mind though, that overnight miracles don’t exist: Everything is in your grasp, but it will not happen as quickly as overnight.

Did you know that vision boards are also known as dream boards? The reason why they are so powerfully effective is that they use and follow the basic 5 steps needed for manifesting all that you want from life such as health and wealth, love and happiness. As soon as these crucial 5 steps are in place then you can relax knowing that all your wants and desires are yours for the asking; I know what I am talking about from pure experience.

Want to know these 5 steps? In this order; Creative Visualization, Emotion, Motivation, Repetition, and Action. The process is simple; the results are positive, and the journey is enjoyable; but miss out any of those 5 steps and your eventual success will be limited.

Now you know and understand that it isn’t exactly an ‘express train journey’ to the final destination that maybe too many people ask for, desired success is there whenever you ask for it. A vision board is not exactly a miracle-worker, they are not far away and definitely speed up your journey quicker than you may think!


The Law Of Attraction And Weight Loss

Why does dieting need to be such a struggle? If you have ever been on a diet, you know this to be true. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Did you know that you can just make use of the law of attraction to promote weight loss in your entire body. All you have to do is improve the vibration you have about your body.

Think about your weight loss objectives and where you wish to be. How do you feel when you think about it? Are you having negative thoughts about your progress? Your ability to attract a thinner, fit body is dependent upon way you handle your thoughts and feelings. This is mainly because the law of attraction uses your dominant views and emotions to manifest what you desire. What you choose to focus on is your dominant belief. Have you ever witnessed that what you concentrate on is that which you get in life? Take a moment to consider great things that have happened in your lifetime. What was your state of mind at that time? You’ll soon realize that good times only occur as you think consistently positive thoughts.

But what about when you’ve got damaging thoughts? Let’s talk about your weight since this article is about weight loss. Do you think of yourself as fat? Do you think the foods you eat daily are what makes you fat? Do you feel it really is impossible for you to lose pounds? Well, it is important to realize that whatever you experience, believe, and consider is precisely what you get. If you answered an affirmative yes to these questions, then you may continue to struggle with your weight loss objective. If you choose to change the effects you’re seeing, you should improve your thoughts.

It takes the same amount of effort to concentrate on what you do want as it does to concentrate on that which you do not want. Try something different. Pretend you achieved your desired body weight. How does it feel to obtain your goal? How would you feel once you look in the mirror? How does looking at your toned body feel? Concentrate on the results that you desire so your feelings will adjust your dominant vibration.

Practice day-to-day to deliberately manage your feelings. Stop the damaging thoughts. Every single time you have a negative thought, stop and consider your physique and what you like about it at that moment. List additional things which you like about yourself and focus on that. Think about what it would really feel like to have your toned body right now. Imagine yourself wearing the great outfit that you want to wear. Truly really feel the emotion as if it really is happening. As you do this, you’re changing your vibration and attracting your healthy body. The law of attraction will work naturally to make your weight loss goal your reality.


Bob Proctor Clarifies the Law of Attraction

The Secret is a film that influenced a lot of lives of those who watched the film. The Secret basically talks about the Law of Attraction and how it can help you to change your life for the better. This particular philosophy has been around for many years now and yet to this day, people are finding it difficult to master and apply it properly to their own lives. Bob Proctor is a firm believer of the Law of Attraction, he happens to be one of the main speakers of the movie as well. He admits that it is a tricky concept, however he shares a few tips on how to apply and understand this particular philosophy.

One of the very first things that you need to master, when trying to apply the Law of Attraction, is having a positive outlook life. Being more positive in life will help you to attract the things you desire easily. Surely, no one would want to attract something negative to happen in their lives; so basically what we are trying to attract are positive events and the like; if you couple it with a positive attitude, attracting it would come as a breeze. This philosophy wants you to keep the positivity even if challenges come your way.

Another neat trick is the ability to visualize exactly what you want to achieve or attain. Visualization in its simplest sense is a technique that lets you take a mental picture of the things you desire. Whether you are aiming for a better job position, healthier lifestyle, or better relationships with the people around you, you have to be able to visualize that you are in that position; as if you already attained it. By the use of visualization, you may be able to get that extra push or inspiration to go after what you want.

Daily affirmation is another neat technique that works similarly to visualizations. This time, aside from just visualizing what you want, you can also say some inspiring words to yourself everyday. In The Secret, the speakers push you to affirm your desires to yourself everyday; do not count on others to affirm your desires for you. The more you affirm to yourself that you will be able to achieve your goals, the more it is likely to happen.

The Law of Attraction is explained in detail in The Secret, and yet there are those who still find this philosophy quite difficult to understand and apply. Hopefully with these tips from Bob Proctor, you will have a better understanding of The Secret and be able to successfully apply it to your own life.

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