thelawofattractionOur thought processes, attitudes, and feelings function as a powerful magnet, attracting conditions into our lives. Whether all of these circumstances are beneficial or unfavorable, is fully dependent upon how we think! Stated simply, the Law of Attraction reveals that we pull into our lives that upon which we place our dominant conscience thoughts.

To put it another way, if we concentrate fundamentally on prosperity, results, and favorable benefits, then that is certainly just what exactly we will receive back into our lives. There does exist a detrimental opposite side to this law however. If we concentrate on shortage, difficulties, and adverse outcomes, then that is just what we will garner.

Perhaps you may well be aware of Earl Nightingale. Credited these days as the father of current-day self-help, Earl, whilst employed in the insurance industry back at the time of the mid 1950′s, cut a record called ‘The Strangest Secret’. The function of this record was to supply some teaching for his staff while he was away on business. Earl’s strangest secret was just simply this: “We develop into precisely what we concentrate our thinking on most of the time!”

This ‘secret’ aligns in harmony with the Law of Attraction and acts as being a continual reminder that we must learn how to regulate our waking thoughts. In truth, our own thoughts are the sole elements in life over which we do have complete control. The endeavor is to keep them under control and not make it easy for them to run wild with undesirable thought processes.

For a good example of the power of the Law of Attraction, you really only need take a look no further than your own personal life. Maybe you have experienced one of those days that just about everything appears go wrong? Beginning with the cold shower, to the blackened toast, to the traffic citation heading for the office, to the grouchy supervisor, to the hard patron; we have all endured those days.

It all arises from the way we think. Our thought patterns draw the first unpleasant situation. This experience then puts us into an undesirable attitude of mind which operates to generate even more “bad” occurrences. The more we focus over the “bad day” we are having, the worse things get!

The key is to shift our frame of reference. Take the unfavorable emotions and alter them to become either positive or at least neutral. Appreciate the lesson in every situation. Learning to laugh at ourselves is an additional great way to alter our reference point. If we break the cycle of negativeness, conditions will start to switch for the better just about right away.

How To Proceed

There are actually a couple of things that you can start out into the habit on promptly that could allow you to funnel the remarkable power of the Law of Attraction:

  1. Consider this question: “Do I give attention to Insufficiency or Prosperity (or stated an additional way, ‘Am I problem-focused or solution-focused”)? If you responded, ‘Lack / Problems’, then start to promptly change your mental attitude. Modify your habits and thinking patterns into being progressively more positive and solution-focused.
  2. Acknowledge 100% responsibility for whatsoever is happening within your life, be it good or not so good. You’ve attracted the good along with the bad, so taking responsibility will assist you to make the decision to enrich your thinking.

Positive thinking in and of itself does not put an end to all of your predicaments, nevertheless it is one of a variety of principles that everybody has the capability to implement which will get us on the way to leading the lifestyle we long for.



Bob Proctor is regarded quite highly as one of the best teachers of how to take effective action with the Law of Attraction. Read more about Bob Proctor here.