If you’ve tried attracting abundance with the Law of Attraction, you probably know that there are a lot of potential abundance blockages that can delay your progress. Attracting abundance requires you to keep your thoughts focused on abundance rather than scarcity, and you need to stay focused on the abundant lifestyle you are trying to create. But there are a few common abundance blockages that can still hold you back even if you do these things. Below are a few common abundance blockages that can hold you back from creating the abundance you want.

One of the biggest abundance blockages is holding a “victim mindset”. You may be so used to things going wrong for you (with money and other things too) that you are unable to embrace the new, abundant self-image with your old victim mindset. Even if you WANT to have an easier financial life and be successful, you still labor under the perception that you are “a victim”. So money and other good things cannot come to you because you aren’t aligned with receiving them. You just keep attracting more and more financial crises that keep you feeling powerless and victimized.

Overcoming this blockage requires you to start changing the way you see yourself. That doesn’t mean going into a state of denial about the things that have gone wrong for you in the past, but it does mean learning to see yourself in a different light NOW. When you start seeing yourself as a person who is fortunate, abundant, and blessed in many ways, you start dissolving that old victim mentality. As a result, you start becoming the person who attracts great abundance and opportunities instead of crises and problems.

The next common abundance blockage is the fear of what others would think if you suddenly became wealthy (or even more abundant than you are now). You might have a subconscious fear that your friends or family members would be jealous of your new-found abundance, or you may even worry that they would ridicule you or reject you. On the other side of the coin, you might worry that they would become very demanding if they knew you had a lot of money, and you wouldn’t be able to say no to their constant demands for money.

Dissolving this abundance blockage requires you to release the fear that you won’t be able to handle the pressure of being wealthy. When you start seeing yourself as confident and strong within, you stop worrying what other people think of you. You also start seeing yourself as a person who can handle any inappropriate requests for money, and a person who can handle wealth responsibly in every way. The more you practice seeing yourself this way, your fears dissolve, and abundance can flow to you because you’ve stopped resisting it.

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The next common abundance blockage comes from being invested in strain and struggle. You may WANT to allow abundance to flow easily to you, but deep down inside you believe that money can’t come easily; you have to work really hard, struggle, strain, and sacrifice for money. As long as you are holding this belief, you simply won’t allow abundance into your life – unless it comes in a difficult, strenuous way.

Overcoming this blockage requires you to start developing a belief that money CAN come easily to you. You won’t be able to adopt this belief instantly; it takes time and consistent reinforcement. But one good way to start working on it is by constantly repeating to yourself, “I believe in EASY ABUNDANCE. I believe that money can come EASILY to me. I’m looking forward to allowing more money in EASY, FUN ways.” As you keep saying these things and focusing on the essence of easy abundance, you start dissolving your belief that money can’t come easily. And of course, once money DOES start coming to you in easy, fun ways, you start believing it a whole lot more!

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