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5 Ways To Have An Abundant Life

A lot of people have the mistaken idea that to become rich, you must work hard, and only work hard. But the truth is, you need more than just plain hard work to achieve riches in your life. Getting Rich is actually combining working hard and having a rich mentality. Let’s take a look at the 5 absolute qualities that you must have that will bring you riches.

1) Rich men and women are focused on the solution of a problem – Once a fortunate person encounters a problem or a trial, they do not consider it as the final chapter. Instead, he views it as an opportunity to learn new and more ways to solve the obstacle. The stand point of a rich person is far different than most people, but that is what makes them more capable as they develop new skills and experiences rather than isolating themselves from the changes.

2) Rich men/woman take action even when in doubt – they have enough courage to act in spite of fear and uncertainty. Many of the millionaires and billionaires like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, J. Paul Getty, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Steve Jobs took risks even though they had fears. As a result, they’ve placed themselves among the movers and shakers in history and they have benefited by receiving riches beyond belief.

3) Rich men and women focus on their desires and plans – They do things that will make them productive. They are interested in learning new things not only for themselves but for others as well. They do not waste time on unnecessary activities and instead concentrate on what will lead them to their goals in life.

4) Rich men and women can relate to optimistic people – Success multiplies with success. If you mingle with other successful personages, you maintain the positive vibe even to the less fortunate. It is not a way of degrading the poor, but a chance to work together for a common good. If you take time to be with these people, you can be inspired by their efforts and success that will encourage you to become successful yourself.

5) Rich men and women thank and share their blessings- The richest persons are the most humble people. They have the value of gratitude and they share and appreciate what is given to them by the Almighty. They provide tithes, offerings, and donations to congregations that they are involved in. That is why their success is non-stop because they give back to those who are in need.

Developing these qualities will be a work in progress. All the rich and successful men and woman have been through this stage and they know the hardships, disappointments and setbacks of becoming rich. But as long as you have perseverance – the Universe will eventually produce the riches that you have patiently manifested and you’ll feel very happy.

There many ways to create the life that you desire – Alas, nothing really changes unless you apply certain universal insights in the most empowering way.

Napoleon Hill – How To Get Rich Via The Law of Attraction

Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and Grow Rich,” a book that discloses the secrets to getting rich according to Andrew Carnegie and 500 other very wealthy men, explains how to get rich using The Secret, The Law of Attraction. Great stuff!

Watch this video on YouTube: Napoleon Hill – How To Get Rich Via The Law Of Attraction

Achieving Your Dreams Through Success Affirmations

Positive Success Affirmations come from our thoughts which are then carried out subconsciously through our actions. These actions are actually success affirmations which have become our habit, unconsciously.

It is a fact that people practice success affirmations in their everyday life. The most common affirmations people have is the negative affirmations which result to lack of confidence and belief in oneself. However, through positive success affirmations, these negative behavior and actions can be changed into positive ones that can lead to a positive outlook in life. Thus, positive success affirmations can definitely help you achieve success in every aspect of your life.

Actually, it is you who is in control of both your conscious and subconscious mind. If you always think of positive thoughts and practice positive success affirmations, you can expect to be an optimistic person which will be manifested through your positive behavior and actions. This is how success affirmations work.

Hence, in order to make these success affirmations effective, you have to do it everyday. You have to think of the things that you aspire and desire. Write it down on a piece of paper as accurately as possible. After doing this, envision yourself as having the things you truly aspire. This can range from achieving one’s own happiness to getting your dream job, etc.

If you want to make your success affirmations come true, make sure that you read out loud the things you have written down twice or three times a day on a daily basis.

Then, all you have to do is to BELIEVE that these success affirmations will really come true. However, it is not enough that you just read your affirmations everyday. You need to believe that you already have possessed these positive success affirmations.

For instance, if your success affirmations focus on attaining wealth, then you have to believe that you see yourself as already rich and wealthy. You have your own dream house, car, yacht, etc. Visualize it as if you already have it.

In addition, to be emotionally involved with your set of goals may drive and impel you to take action for your success affirmations. Just believe and have faith in yourself. Take action. The human mind, having the desire to make success affirmations into reality, combined with a strong motivation and willpower, can definitely help you achieve great and wonderful things. As they say, the power lies within you!

The Author is a Finance Executive and now one of today’s most successful Online Entrepreneurs. Drew is a mentor in the Direct Sales Industry specialising in success affirmations, Business Systems, Online Marketing and mentoring people on ‘mastering the inner game of wealth’. Learn from Drew success affirmations and create ‘your own economy’ to take back control of your life.

How To Think Wealth To Produce Wealth In Your Life

Can you really just start to feel wealthy to thus then attract money into your life? Is it really that simple? The answer is Yes! Your internal consciousness, determines what you experience in your outer physical reality. Read on to learn how you can start “today” to start attracting money with almost zero effort!

The fastest way to have wealth disappear or not show up at all, is to condemn it. Make it a daily routine to repeat the affirmation, “I am wealthy right now. All the riches of life are mine and I use them for the benefit of myself and others”.

Wealth is a definite mental conviction. The feeling of wealth produces wealth, for the more you “think” wealth and affirm it, the wealthier you will become, its a universal law!

How Do You Feel Wealth, if You’re Not Wealthy Now?

You can always feel wealth by going “inside” your mind, in meditation and visualization. You simply feel the feelings “as if” you are wealthy now. For example, imagine you have $2 Million Dollars in your bank account “right now”. How would that feel? Feel it right now. The feeling should bring big peace of mind, and also assurance that everything is okay with you financially.

This feeling that is now a thought form, begins to show results to you, in your physical life. You will see things happening, and you will get intuitive hunches to begin making decisions which will bring you close to getting money, and flowing it into your life.


Three Tips For Quickly Attracting Riches Of All Kinds

Upon learning of the law of attraction, folks immediately think of wealth, and for good reason. The universe is bountiful, asking for wealth from that abundance is a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t love the freedom and peace of mind that wealth can offer.

Being rich isn’t exactly the same as going to heaven, it’s not instant happiness. But ask anybody who’s been both rich and poor, and they will tell you that rich is definitely better.

Here are some tried and true methods to start up your innate ability to attract wealth.

First, negative thoughts along with negative people have to be banished from your life. You probably know that, according to the law of attraction, you must constantly visualize and focus on the positive outcomes you want for your life. Once you’ve started towards your goal to turn your life around, bystanders, friends and strangers alike, may sneer and try to discourage you. What do you do?

These reactions are usually offered as a sign of love. These folks just don’t want to see you hurt or disappointed. For the most part, these folks aren’t trying to sidetrack you. They just don’t understand that in order to be successful, to be wealthy, you have to inculcate faith, desire, and perseverance into your life experience.

Early on, sidestep these folks. Once you get rolling you’ll be better able to deal with them. You may be surprised to discover that once your journey is begun, some of these folks will be your ardent supporters.

The universe will give you what you want, and its got a big old closet just full of treats, so why dream small? The world is pretty persistent in what it demands from you. Be as persistent in your demands. Set a goal and go for it. Being realistic is not a dream or a goal.

“Far-fetched” goals are often easier to reach than “realistic” goals. Being “realistic” isn’t being real when you set goals. There’s a lot of “realistic” goals, lots of competition. Do you think that Steve Jobs decided that Apple would just be a tiny little company and never challenge the largest software software company in the world? Probably not. Getting by or a decent job are not goals. They are what everybody who has no goals get.

Since you’re going to be playing in an infinite universe, don’t make your dreams finite. Would you rather have lots of dollars or lots of getting by?

Third, don’t forget the action! Of course, sitting around contemplating your navel isn’t going to do anything except helping to better know your navel. You can’t spin gold from straw. Geese don’t lay golden eggs. Genies don’t appear and ask your for your wishes. No matter how hard you focus.

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Money And The Law Of Attraction – Use The LOA To Get Rich

Lots of people are hurting for money these days and want to use the law of attraction to bring in some solid cash. The only wealth that really amounts to anything in one’s life is happiness and joy. How can you determine the wealth of your life and how happy you are?

Being alone and isolating yourself from other people will not make it easy to feel like your life is wealthy. Is there a price that someone could offer you and in exchange that you have to spend the rest of your life alone? Hard to take such a great amount and have no one to share it with. Your bank account is not the measure of how wealthy you are.

Your way of thinking, by using the law of attraction, may either repel or attract money. Money isn’t everything and the only thing you should be paying attention to is the actual definition of wealth. Money is important, and plays a huge role in ones life, but it isn’t everything to being happy.

Don’t obsess with being rich when money is sparse. The Law of attraction has many steps to it, but many people over look this important factor when applying it.

Its easy to become obsessed with money when desperation kicks in. Don’t add more desperation by being desperate. As another example of this: If it’s love you are seeking in your life, don’t show any desperation because that will repel any chance of being in love.

When it comes to wealth and money in your life, understanding how the universe works will help you be effective at manifesting just about anything. You have to have belief that you can do it. Having faith will become an important factor when applying the law of attraction. Don’t steer yourself into the position where you have no faith, because then your goals will never be reached. You will help attract wealth and a healthier lifestyle by being positive and having faith.

Money being used toward law of attraction isn’t bad. Money isn’t evil, so don’t listen to those people. Without money, we would be pretty poor, and have a terrible way of life, making money itself can be a beautiful thing. There is so much you can do with money.

People are drawn to the Law of Attraction because there is a certain philosophy behind it. There are many levels to it. The universe has so much to offer if you have a positive mind set, are grateful, apply affirmations, thus, leading to your goals in a clearer manner.

Use the Law of Attraction with constant time and practice, leading you toward a healthier lifestyle. Use the law of attraction and soon, money and a better way of life will happen.

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How To Draw Cash Into Your Life And Become Wealthy: Cash And The Law Of Attraction

Attract Money, Become Wealthy

Much has been said concerning money and the law of attraction over the years. When it comes to wealth, theories have come up to explain how possible it is to achieve it scientifically. According to the law, getting rich simply starts with first attraction. It is a powerful force that works on the basis of what a person thinks about. It is also said that this law is always at work in our lives, only that we are not aware of it.

Basically the law can make what you think come to life if your dream is strong enough. It is a law that is present in everything you do including career, relationships and health. This therefore, implies that if you strongly tailor your thoughts towards getting wealthy, then the money will automatically bring itself to you. On the other hand, thinking about negative thoughts results in failure in life.

In fact, according to the law, one either attracts wealth or poverty. Dreaming about getting rich attracts wealth. However, the wealth will not come knocking on your door just like that. Of course it is everyone’s desire to get rich. It is everyone’s dream to cruise all round the world. The difference comes in on how much energy you put in the dream.

It is said that if your dream is not powerful enough to wake you up then it’s too small a dream. Your dream must be clear vivid, specific and well outlined for it to wake you up. Dream it like it has a beginning and an end in a logical manner for it to draw itself to you. Note that richness cannot manifest itself in people with vague dreams. Your dream should present itself in all that you do and not just hidden in your mind.

To attract money, first, you must make your dream real and make your desire known to yourself. Next, you must change your line of thought. The more frequently you dream, then the more it will show outwardly and in everything that you do. In other words, you must do everything that pertains to getting rich. This is something that you must want to happen so badly that it will be your guiding thought.

A strong desire to get a lot of wealth should eliminate laziness tendencies. Thinking is a powerful tool. It is through thinking that one can visualize and actualize a dream. Everything existing today was thought out by someone.

In order to gain wealth, one of the things you must do is to think about a lot of money. However, this does not mean that you must create some time to sit and just think about it. The only thing you must do is to make it your guiding theme in life.

One of the things you must do is to think about the money and a lot of it. However, it does not mean that you sit and just concentrate about it. Just make sure that it is your guide in life. Money and the law of attraction work together. You can only attract a lot of money, if you send the correct signals into nature for it to be acted upon.

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